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Men arrested in car chase wanted for 16 burglaries

The two men ages 37 and 41 years old who were arrested in the early hours of Monday are wanted for 16 cases of breaking and entering, and theft.

According to police sources the burglaries took place in Limassol between January 11 and July 10, 2017.

The arrest of the two men was dramatic.

Police reports reveal that a police car on patrol spotted just before 2am a suspicious car moving in Limassol. Due to the car resembling the description of the vehicle used in a string of burglary cases, they signaled the driver to stop.

Instead, the driver sped up.

A car chase took place, with the driver being pursued breaking the law multiple times: going through red lights, entering the opposite lane of traffic, reckless driving.

The car was eventually intercepted by the police, who proceeded to arrest the 37 year-old and 41 year-old men.

In the car, various burglary tools were found.

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