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Man injured by exploding e-cigarette (PICTURES)

A man suffered horrific acid burns after his e-cigarette exploded whilst in his pocket, according to British media on Monday.

The device reportedly became red hot while in the pocket of Ian Cudbertston, 25, who was watching TV in his home at the time. After he whipped it out it began to spark before exploding “like a grenade”.

Ian said: “It just blew up like a hand grenade. If I had been smoking it at the time it would have blown half my face off.

“My ex-partner is eight months pregnant and she was next to me at the time. I had to shield her from the explosion.”

Ian had not realised at the time but the e-cig leaked toxic acid while inside his pocket, causing scorch marks across his back.

The blast saw a part of the device become stuck in his leg, causing a bruise the size of his fist.

It even burned a hole through the couch where he was sitting and blasted a hole in the wall of his home in Hull, East Yorks.

Ian went Hull Royal Infirmary for treatment for the burns to his back. He is awaiting an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

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