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Man caught with 16.5 Kg of cannabis gets ten years

A 56-year-old Greek citizen was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment after being found guilty for importing, possessing drugs with the intent to provide them to a third person.

The 56-year-old was arrested on 2 May this year at the Paphos Airport, when he attempted to import a total of 16.5 Kg of cannabis hidden in his luggage.

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The particular drug quantity is one of the largest to be obtained in a drug bust in Paphos.

The bust took place after Cypriot police were informed by the Greek authorities and Interpol. Upon arrival policemen had identified the suspect and after searching his luggage the large quantity of cannabis was revealed.

The convict had then claimed that he was paid to bring the bag to Cyprus and that he was not in position to know for whom the bag was intended for.


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