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Mackenzie beach TC properties could be tendered

The Interior Ministry is considering reclaiming TC properties and renting them, or issuing a call for tenders to develop and utilise the properties.

Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides said that these are the steps under consideration for TC properties at Mackenzie beach in Larnaca, but that they could be applied in other cases where TC properties of large value are at stake.

Petrides estimates that the development of some TC properties could contribute tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, to the state.

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Asked what will happen to those cases where individuals have already invested large sums of money in TC properties for renovations and upgrades, Petrides said it will depend on the amount invested in the property, and whether the return on investment has been completed.

Petrides also said that a report has been prepared which reveals the number of TC properties which are used professionally, who owns the properties, and whether they have a right to use the property, etc. On the basis of these findings, the government has either reclaimed the property, or revised the rent.

From data submitted to the House of Representatives, it can be seen that 2,205 TC properties put for professional use were given to refugees, while non-refugees received 626 such properties.

Meanwhile, 1,932 refugees and 885 non-refugees received TC properties of miscellaneous use (quarries, farmland, public spaces, town squares, sports fields, parking lots, etc.)

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