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Luggage mix-up prompts Cobalt flight delay

A Cobalt flight from Larnaca to Athens was delayed by over two hours on Thursday after passengers were forced to disembark the plane and identify their own luggage.

According to report, Cobalt’s itinerary had recorded 137 luggage for the flight but LGS Handling Services – which handles some of the airport operations including baggage transportation – had recorded that only 136 luggage on the aircraft.

Due to security reasons, all passengers were then forced to disembark from the plane along with the luggage. Then, in the presence of the police, the passengers were then forced to identify their luggage.

It later transpired that the luggage count was indeed 137 and that the LGS computer system had failed to record one suitcase.

After close to a two-and-a-half hour delay, the passengers boarded the aircraft and it departed for Athens.

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