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Littering cop in trouble after threatening pedestrian

A Paphos police officer is under criminal investigation for reportedly threatening a man who had reprimanded him for throwing a cigarette butt in the road.

According to police sources, the officer in question was seen throwing a cigarette butt out of his patrol car prompting a passerby to order him to pick it up. The incident reportedly occurred on January 23.

The man, initially ignored by the police officers, extinguished the cigarette butt, picked it up and then handed back to the police officer.

It was then that the officer allegedly told the pedestrian “You’re going to get it!” prompting the man to report him to the Paphos Traffic Police.

Attorney General Costas Clerides and the Independent Authority for the Investigation of Allegations and Complaints Against the Police (IACAP) decided after being notified by police Chief Zacharias Chrysostomou of the incident, to appoint a criminal investigator to probe the complaint.

Speaking to Phileleftheros, a police source said such type of behaviour from members of the force is totally unacceptable and that is why orders were given for an investigation to be conducted by an independent investigator.

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