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Limassol’s bustling nightlife

Club life in Limassol, in contrast to Ayia Napa, is all-year-round. The bustling nightlife with its clubs, bars and discotheques elevate the spirit.

Nightclubs and bars are mainly located in the tourist area, in the centre, and in the old city.

Fans of lively parties and dancing will not be disappointed by visiting the night clubs at different points in Limassol.

The Saripolou Square area in the centre of the old town has taken over the reins of nightlife in recent years. There are dozens of bars offering visitors a variety of drinks, food and music for all tastes.

Moving from one bar to another, you can easily find a place with music and fun that will suit you.
Dance lovers will enjoy Rote Club located in the heart of the old town. It is situated at Heroes Square and is the only night club in Limassol playing electronic music, regularly hosting musical events where international and local artists perform deep-house, techno-house, trance and other popular styles.

During the summer season (May–October) there are nightclubs and bars in the open air. For instance, Guaba Beach Bar is a favourite spot among clubbers. The venue has islandwide visitors who flock for the great atmosphere.

In 2014, the venue received 13th place in the list of the best clubs in the world.The bar is located directly next to the sea and is open from morning until late evening.

And if, during the day, you can spend your time enjoying the sun and sea, with the onset of night-time, it turns into one of the most popular places on the island.

Capture the highlight on Sundays with live performances by the best worldwide DJs.

The manager states: “Forget parking your expensive cars in front of our bar. Bring your bicycle instead. Expensive cars, like overpriced houses, are only a way to show off”.

Something for everyone

If you’re a sports fan or just want to drink a pint of beer and have a bite to eat, then you will enjoy the pubs the Woodman, Shakespeare’s Pub and The Nags Head Pub, the latter of which organises a karaoke programme on weekends.

Russian Karaoke lovers can have fun singing their favourite songs at the karaoke bars Malina and Sinatra, and the fans of hard rock music will be delighted at Tepee Rock Bar.

The local party-goers and visitors to the island favour the bars Doma Lounge and Rumours, offering music in the style of RnB, pop, rock, disco and house.

Taxi services on the island are relatively inexpensive. Moving from one end to the other in Limassol at night will cost an average of €10-12 each time.
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