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Cyprus civil servants make a packet out of lecturing

An increasing number of high-ranking public servants are also being employed as lecturers or student mentors at private universities as well as taking on positions at private clinics.

As reported by Phileleftheros, they are regularly paid between €50 and even €100 an hour while others command €200 a week or as much as €2,000 for 30 hours work.

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The figures emerged from the list of applications submitted by civil servants for permission to take on a second job after-hours.

Between 2010 and 2016, applications were submitted by 864 people of which 670 were approved by the Public Administration and Personnel Department.

The conservative majority of applications concerned three sectors lecturing at universities and the Education Ministry’s adult education centres, providing training to students nurses and mentoring existing nurses at public hospitals, and providing technical expertise to the Cyprus Organisation for the Promotion of Quality.

However, things may be changing soon as the government plans to take steps to prevent conflicts of interest occurring.

MPs have also been asked to look at a Finance Ministry proposal changing the existing law which prevents public servants from having more than a 1% share in a company or involved in its management.

The proposed change will give civil servants the opportunity to apply for permission to take on a more active role in private businesses and also own more shares.

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