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Larnaca tourism booming

This year is developing to be the best recorded in terms of tourist arrivals for the city and district of Larnaca. It is a strong follow-up to the success of 2016 when the Larnaca District drew 11.4% of total tourist arrivals in Cyprus, the largest percentage since 2001.

This is the case says the Larnaca Tourist Development and Promotion Company (ETAP), according to data received by the Statistical Service.

“The summer tourist season is peaking with both the city and district seeing the best season of the last decades, since hotels are satisfactorily full, something which is expected to continue in August and September,” says ETAP in an announcement.

The data show that “in 2016, the Larnaca district drew 11.4% of total tourist arrivals, the largest percentage since 2001.” That percentage varied at lower levels in previous years, between 8.2% and 10.8%.

In 2016, Larnaca drew 363,264 tourists out of a total 3,186,531 who visited Cyprus on holiday. In 2015 out of a total of 2,659,405 tourist arrivals in Cyprus, Larnaca hoster 281,897 tourists, which means in one year the district drew 81,367 additional tourists.

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