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Larnaca port and marina grand design presented

A multinational professional services firm in Larnaca says plans to give the planned marina and port a new facelift can get underway next year if all goes according to plan.

According to the report, the entire port will have to be developed to accommodate the docking of larger vessels – such as cruise ships. Regarding the marina, the report made projections for a berth capacity to accommodate around 700 boats, the development of parking spaces and service stations for larger vessels.

In addition, offices, shops, restaurants, cafeterias, residences and a five-star hotel are all included in the plans.

Attending the event by EY on Monday were several high ranking officials, such as Communications Minister Marios Demetriades, Larnaca Mayor Andreas Louroutziatis, municipality members, several MPs and representatives of political parties and unions.

The government aims to complete the preliminary studies by the beginning of September 2016, followed by an invitation to a tender competition so that an investor is found by 2017.

If all goes as planned, the government hopes that work on port and marina developments can commence by 2018.

Demetriades said that there is no intention of the port becoming an energy hub, and that the development will be mainly to attract tourism.

He also said that “perhaps certain uses of the port are in contradiction with other uses, and that is our concern”, adding that certain current operations of the Larnaca port will be transferred to the terminal at Vasiliko.

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  1. We have heard Larnaca 21 over an over. This caused us to purchase in Larnaca and settle looking forward to development like in Limassol. What happened to the grand plan of moving the oil refinery and developing that together with the Dubai like Island etc

  2. We have been waiting for planning approval from Larnaca town hall for a small house alteration since August 2013. In the UK there would be an answer to the application within 3 months.
    Extrapolate our experience to the planning/construction of a new dock, marina, hotel and infrastructure and we will be waiting for decades for anything useful to happen.

    What is the matter with Larnaca Town Hall, do they simply not want the city to improve? Apart from the dock area, the road out to the luxury hotels to the east is a disgrace, parking discipline is awful and the police do not enforce the road traffic act or smoking legislation