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Larnaca cops looking into AIDS kidnapping case

Police say an Indian national has been arrested and detained after he allegedly kidnapped and then attempted to force a compatriot of his to leave Cyprus because he thought he had AIDS.

The bizarre case is being looked into by Larnaca CID who say 29-year-old Reshani Singh Khatra is under investigation for kidnapping and coercion. Khatra was on Sunday remanded in police custody for four days.

The victim, a 30-year-old also from India, told police at Larnaca Airport that the suspect and another man had kept him locked up in a room for several days before frog marching him to the airport where they gave him a ticket to return back to India.

Police at the airport quickly located one of the suspects and placed him under arrest.

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The victim went on to say that he had paid Khatra, who reportedly finds work for Indians in Cyprus in exchange for a fee, €10,000 to ensure him a job at a farm in Aradippou.

But he only managed to work two hours at the farm before the owner told Khatra that he didn’t want him anymore.

The victim was accused of being diagnosed with AIDS by the suspect which was why they were forcing him out of the country. The claims of the illness were later found out to be false.

He also told police that Khatra had threatened to kill him if he ever said anything to the police.

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