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Large million euro payout for personal injuries in traffic accident

A 40-year-old motorcyclist has received a record €1,100,000 in compensation from insurance company Atlantic for damage he sustained in a traffic accident on January 6, 2014.

The accident left him unable to work.

According to lawyers, the amount of compensation is one of the largest to be submitted for personal injuries after a traffic accident.

The accident took place on a Monday morning in Strovolos. A car driver neglected to stop at the end of T-junction and cut off an oncoming motorcyclist, causing severe injuries.

The then 37-year-old driver was taken to Nicosia General Hospital with intense pain in his ribs and abdomen.

He was having difficulty breathing and could not feel his lower limbs.

On the midnight of January 14, 2014, he suddenly felt unbearable pain and exhibited symptoms of paraplegia in all his limbs.

The 37-year-old, by his own will, was taken to the Apollonion Hospital by his own will, where he was subjected to surgery.

Six months of treatment and rehabilitation followed as an internal patient at Nicosia General Hospital.

He continued his treatment as an outpatient thereafter.

After the six months of treatment, mobility in the lower limbs had returned. However, neural damage led to loss of control of the functioning of the sphincters in the rectum and bladder.

Due to the permanent damage he suffered, he is forced to receive medical treatment and use diapers and catheters on a daily basis.

His attorney, Marinos Shambartas, argues that his client is unable to conduct any work in this state.

The €1.1m compensation amount was agreed in an out-of-court settlement between Shambartas on behalf of the 40-year-old motorcyclist, and the law firm Papaphilippou & Co. on behalf of insurance company Atlantic, which was in turn covering the car driver in the accident.

Shambartas warmly thanked Atlantic for their good cooperation, and for its quick response to the settlement, by depositing the compensation swiftly into his client’s bank account.

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