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Lack of hospital dieticians means patients must wait

If you are in need of a clinical dietician then forget about state hospitals because it will take at least two months to see one as there are only eight of them in total employed by the state.

Cyprus has eight dieticians employed in the public health service who must tackle the thousands of patients who are need of seeing a specialist.

Under international standards there should be 2.2 clinical dieticians for every 100 patients, under such guidelines Cyprus should have 32.5.

Moreover no hospital has hired a new dietician for the past 15 years with the growing threat of obesity among children and other lifestyle-related diseases dieticians are more in need than ever before.

And Cyprus has one of the highest proportions of child obesity cases in the world.

MPs in parliament were told by dieticians that public health is unable to offer a quality service in this area especially when it comes to sick children and those who have eating disorders.

Dieticians also argue that putting patients on a proper diet is part of their therapy and reduces the need for subscription drugs which would save the health service money.


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