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Kioneli residents angry over continuous flooding

Residents living near the Kioneli Roundabout in north Nicosia are up in arms over the local authorities’ failure to deal with flooding in their area. On Thursday the residents were angered even more after the area flooded during road works which were taking place.

The source of the flooding is currently a matter for debate. One side claims that the flooding is due to a faulty underground pipe while others argue that the water is the result of an underground reservoir that has surfaced due to road works in the area.

Residents, meanwhile, say that they are feeling the brunt of the failure to address the on-going problem which has resulted in the area turning into a “lake” or a “swamp”, according to various descriptions. It is estimated that tons of water is seeping onto the road.

“The area has been flooding for years now; this is not something which is new”, one local resident told Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kibris.

Locals in the area claim that the gathering of water – which has also turned stagnant – may have an adverse effect on the environment but is also a health hazard for inhabitants.

Mustafa Kutrafali, who is head of the Turkish Cypriot Water Works Department, told Turkish Cypriot media that the leakage is due to an old water pipe breaking.

He went on to say that the problem has since been addressed although local residents argue that previous statements in the past – that the matter had been resolved – had proved to be unfounded as flooding continued.

Meanwhile, the head of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Environmental Engineers, Yasemin Cobanoglu, estimates that the water is from an underground reservoir which has surfaced due to the various road works taking place in the area.

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