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Kazanti owners under fire over animal prizes

Animal Party Cyprus (APC) has appealed to the public to report any cases where small animals, goldfish or birds are offered as prizes by owners of traditional Kazanti games.

Owners of the Kazanti – a traditional Cypriot numbers game usually in a form of a mobile stall where players shoot a small metal ball (on a makeshift pinball apparatus) and win a prize if the ball lands on their chosen number – often offer animals as prizes including rabbits, goldfish, turtles and even chicks.

APC draws attention to the relevant gaming laws which prohibits Kazanti owners offering animals as prizes.

Kazanti stalls are often seen at festivals of cultural events where large crowds of people often gather. They are also seen outside busy restaurants and in public squares.

The police, in turn, have assured their immediate response to any reports of any illegalities by Kazanti owners regarding animals according to APC.

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  1. If the police is unable or not willing to act, the public is ready to take action.