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Kasoulides: Hope of a Cyprus settlement must not be lost


Prospects for a Cyprus settlement and what has been achieved during the latest round of the UN-led peace talks must not be lost, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides said on Tuesday.

If the dialogue resumes on the basis of the framework set out by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, then the timeframe will be brief, said Kasoulides.

The Foreign Minister noted that Guterres had requested all sides to use this period for reflection and look into ways in which things could move forward.

“President Anastasiades has expressed on many occasions our readiness to discuss in the framework of the six points determined by the Secretary General Antonio Guterres, as long as everything will be prepared for a new Conference during which it will not be expected to solve everything at a dinner,” Kasoulides said.

Asked if nothing substantive should be expected on the Cyprus issue because of the 2018 presidential elections, the Foreign Minister did not comment. He said that the election campaign is underway and candidates send their own messages.

Kasoulides said what was achieved during the recent talks must be exploited so that once talks resume they would not last as long as the previous process because discussions could begin from an advanced point.

He said timeframes are established on the basis of the progress made at the talks.

“Therefore if we begin on the basis of the Guterres framework, then the time will be short,” he pointed out.


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