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Just 301 entities owe €631m in tax

Uncollected taxes have risen to around 13% of GDP it has emerged, with a large proportion of the amount owed from just a few hundred companies.

Total uncollected tax rose to €2.2bn in June 2016, from €2.1bn in December, according to Phileleftheros. GDP was €17.4bn in 2015.

Around €630.9m of the uncollected tax comes from just 2013 entities. Of this total, €528.3m comes from 114 companies and individuals who have appealed to the Ministry of Finance or the Supreme Court, while the remaining €102.7m comes from those owing VAT.

Just 22 taxpayers account for €4 million in unpaid VAT.

Some €717.4m, or around 30% of the uncollected €2.2bn, is made up of interest and charges, underlining the length of delays in payment.

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