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Italy’s Palinuro navy ship to dock at Larnaca port

Historical Italian Navy Sailing Ship “Palinuro” will be in Larnaca from August 28 to September 1 and is open to the public, the Italian embassy announced on Monday.

The Larnaca port of call is part of the 53rd Chief Petty Officer training campaign for the cadets of the Italian Navy’s Academy of Taranto.

“From the 28th of August to the 1st of September, Cypriots will have the chance to visit one of the most famous Italian Navy ships, built in 1934 and used since 1955 as a training vessel for hundreds of Italian cadets that have started their careers from her decks, learning the basics of seamanship and developing a strong team spirit and personal ethos to uphold the traditions of the Italian Navy,” the announcement said.

“The training campaign is an essential activity in the cadets’ education, complementing the academic side of their studies,” it added.

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The Palinuro’s presence on the island is also a testimony to the growing relations between Italy and Cyprus in the defense sector, it also said.

This follows the visit to Nicosia of the Italian Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti on July 31.

Over the journey, cadets are exposed for the first time to the full experience of the maritime world in order to master their profession in the Navy and to be acquainted to the marine environment.

Impeccably maintained in line with its original grandeur, “Palinuro” is part of an elite club of vintage ships.

During its many decades in operation, she has sailed more than 300.000 nautical miles through most major ports of the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

The latest chapter in her rich history is the meeting she recently hosted between the Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni, French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel.

The technical characteristics of the ship are just as impressive: three masts over 35 meters tall; 1000 sq meters of sail plan, with 15 sails of various types (square sails, mainsails, gaff-topsail, staysails, jibs), spanning three decks.

Cypriots are cordially invited to visit the ship at the Larnaca Port, during the following hours:

– 29 August: between 10 to 12 and 16 to 17.30

– 30 August: between 10 to 12 and 16 to 19

– 31 August: between 10 to 12 and 16 to 19


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