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Ino turned 40, the occupation 43

By Chrystalla Hadjidemetriou

To be realistic, following the collapse of Crans-Montana (which apart from family skiing holidays will remind Androula Vasiliou of something else) we weren’t going to wear a black veil (although it would have made for an original party theme). And OK, a person only turns 40 once and they can’t postpone it until further notice.

However, the President’s daughter’s fantastic (as it has been described) party with its frenzied rhythm and selected guests (as described on various websites), is an indication of the (let’s say) realistic stance that a portion of the population takes to every actuality. We weren’t afraid of everything else, as Kilaidonis would say, will the continued occupation frighten us?

A few hours after the collapse of the new procedures at the Swiss resort, the web was filled with photographs of the President’s daughter’s party and whether you want it or not, it smacks you right in the face. It stops being personal because when something is personal you don’t advertise it. It seems that the President’s daughters for some reason want to provoke. They always seem to revel when somebody with continence would have shown understanding to the seriousness of the situation at hand.

Which situation though?

“Another failed attempt out of so many, it’s nothing tragic,” the girl must have thought while she continued to search the market throughout the entire week for pineapples and cigars for her Cuban-themed party. If only Cubans could see such opulence, they would understand how we perceive life in Cuba.

I only hope that Aleida Guevara, Che’s daughter, who was in Cyprus to attend functions celebrating the Cuban Revolution, managed to leave the island. Or, did we get it wrong, was the party actually part of the celebrations?

Ino Anastasiades turned 40. She had the misfortune for her birthday to coincide with another false hope of solving the Cyprus problem. She showed us though, that nothing should intimidate us.

We should, with a robust morale continue with our lives as if nothing is wrong and the enemy will realise that we are made of such stuff that cannot be rattled. We will stubbornly party and carouse in response to those who think that we will mourn.

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