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Inland Revenue to probe former president Christofias

The Inland Revenue Department is set to investigate ex-president Demetris Christofias following allegations of tax evasion by former Omonia boss and civil contractor Miltiades Neophytou in the on-going civil lawsuit.

Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary Christos Patsalides confirmed the investigation in a letter to parliament on December 15, 2016, but omitted details due to the private nature of the details. Neophytou has testified that Christofias was allegedly involved in the rezoning of the Halepianes area near Dali in the Nicosia district – which was earmarked for the new Omonia football stadium.

Neophytou has also alleged that Christofias demanded that invoices totalling €200,000 be backdated in order for him to include them in his 2012 asset means declaration.Patsalides, in his letter to the House, outlined the process by which the investigation would be conducted which includes the simultaneous gathering of information and re-evaluation of income tax statements submitted by all the parties involved.

The investigation echoes the demands made by Auditor General, Odysseus Michaelides, regarding the same case. Neophytou has filed a civil lawsuit against Christofias for €22 million of which €21 million includes money given to Omonia – including interest accrued, and €1 million for construction work at Christofias’ Kelaki residence.

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