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Humidity high but Cyprus temperatures will drop

Inland temperatures in Cyprus over the coming days are not anticipated to surpass the sweltering over 40°C of the past few weeks, with Monday’s forecast predicting maximum temperatures of no more than 38°C throughout the week.

Temperatures on Monday will rise to 34°C on the south and east coasts, and 32°C on the north and west coasts and 30°C in the mountains.

More of the same, with maximum temperatures of between 37°C and 38°C inland, are also anticipated over the coming days, Meteorological Service official Iasonas Christodoulou told In-Cyprus.com.

“There will not be a dramatic drop in temperatures but it will be a bit cooler than it has been, up until and including Friday.”

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Christodoulou noted that maximum temperatures on the island were moving closer to the usual average for this time of year, 37.5°C inland, between 32°C and 34°C on the coasts and 29°C to 30°C in the mountains.

“There has been a bit more humidity that usual in some areas but conditions are expected to improve on Monday night although, obviously, humidity at the coasts is expected at this time of year”.

Christodoulou also said that, providing conditions developed as expected, the Meteorological Service did not anticipate the need to issue any extreme heat warnings over the coming week.

The start of this month saw the hottest July day on record in Cyprus occur when inland temperatures rose to 45°C on Sunday, July 2.

A some 10 day stretch of days when temperatures soared over 40°C earlier this month also contributed to the deaths of three elderly people with chronic health problems and saw at least seven more admitted to hospital.

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