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Houses near Nicosia’s GSP stadium receive tainted water

Approximately 200 houses in Nicosia’s GSP stadium area receive water from a private water supply source which is not suitable for consumption.

The revelation was made by the head of the Nicosia Water Board, Nicos Zambakides, during a meeting of the House Finance Committee.

DISY MP Marios Mavrides confirmed the information, saying that the matter has already been taken up for resolution by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The 200 residences are on the Kotsoni plots near GSP stadium, and receive the tainted water once every four days from the private water supply source.

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Besides not being fit for consumption, Zambakides said that dermatological problems have appeared on many of its consumers.

He also said that the government is unable to intervene because the deal for the water supply was struck privately.

The problem, says Zambakides, is getting worse by the day, with the quality of the water deteriorating. He warned against the situation escalating with more houses being constructed under this arrangement, as there are a total of 900 plots in the area.

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