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Fire in a house in Phini under control

A house in the Phini village in Limassol caught fire around 15.30 on Saturday. Firefighters have succeeded in puting out the fire after fighting for more than two hours with the flames. The house has suffered extensive damage but no lives were put at risk.

The house residents noticed a fault in the fire place and its chimney which started a fire which spread throughout the wooden house.

The owners of the house had tried to put out the fire on their own until they realised that that was not possible and called in the Fire Department.

The Fire Department contacted the Fire Department of the British Bases in Troodos due to the proximity. The British Bases Fire Department refused to answer the call as they claimed they intervene only when lives are at risk.

Finally the Limassol Fire Department answered the call and fire fighters arrived at the scene at 17.15 and started trying to put out the fire.

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