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Hoteliers satisfied with occupancy


Hoteliers are pleased with hotel occupancy this summer season, according to the President of the Pancyprian Hoteliers Association (PASYXE), Haris Loizides.

“Exact percentages cannot be given at present as we are still in the holiday season, but in general we are satisfied because occupancy is very high for this period”, Loizides said responding to CNA questions.

Prospects are good for September and October and occupancy is high for these two months too, he added.

For the winter season, he said, “we expect good occupancy in November but after that we will have to wait a little longer to see how things develop.”

He noted that mountain resorts are also more popular in the summer holiday season, but reservations are lag seriously behind, noting that the subsidized holiday program from Social Insurance services is very helpful for hotels in mountainous resorts but cannot provide high occupancy for a long period.

Expressing confidence in the continuation of the extraordinary flow of tourists, Loizides cautioned against making mistakes. “We must continue to be careful not to make mistakes. So far we are doing well, but things can easily change, if we start repeating the mistakes of the past”, he warned.

In his statements, Loizides also referred to a “slow down” in the past fifteen days from the Russian market, pointing out however that this is temporary.

This, he believes, is due to the fall of the ruble and the fact that the Turkish market is open again to Russian tourists. (CNA)

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