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Hospital ‘missing’ snub due to deliberate indifference

Deliberate indifference on the part of the relative authorities seems to have been the reason why the bodies of 31 patients killed during the war of 1974, while being treated at the Athalassa Psychiatric hospital, have as yet not been exhumed.

Sources close to Phileleftheros disclosed that some of the remains of the 31 patients were discovered in the past during subsequent construction works on the hospital.

The same sources disclose that authorities preferred to alter the plans pertaining to the construction works rather than exhume the bodies, which have remained buried since.

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It is expected that investigative excavations will start soon as experts and archaeologists have pointed out to authorities specific spots where ground colouration has occurred

Archaeologists and anthropologists who have cooperated with the Committee on Missing Persons have gained considerable experience with regards to ground colouration during the excavations of the remains of the missing.

The excavations will be under the direct supervision of presidential commissioner Fotis Fotiou while it is expected that the experts will be supplied with high tech equipment to assist in the location of the remains.

The patients were killed after the hospital was attacked by the Turkish air force who used napalm bombs in the area.

The patients were subsequently buried in one of the bomb craters.

Three former Athalassa hospital employees that were employed at the hospital at the time of the attack have shown authorities that spot where the 31 were buried.

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