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Historic port polluted by rubbish

Residents are complaining that Kyrenia’s historic port is full of trash creating an image which does not pay tribute to Kyrenia, the main tourist attraction in the north.

Residents are complaining that rubbish thrown in the part of the port where the yachts are docked has not been picked up by authorities for months now, creating images of disgrace.

Kyrenia council head Nidai Gungordu, talking to reporters of Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kibris, confirmed that the port is polluted with rubbish. He said that he has been in regular contact with the relative authorities since the day he took office, but no measure has been taken.

“Now that the weather has started to warm up, locals and tourists are visiting the port, only to be confronted with these bad images. However we can’t do anything about it as the port does not fall within our jurisdiction,” commented Gungordu.

The responsibility for the Kyrenia antique port was taken from the local council back in 2012 and was given to the tourism office with a decision taken by the administration at the time.

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