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Hermes Airports gets boost with three new certifications

Hermes Airports’ outstanding performance has been rewarded with new certifications that raise the standards of Cyprus’ airports even higher.

The three new certifications obtained by Larnaca Airport concern the programs and procedures employed by Hermes in the fields of occupational health & safety and the environment.

Specifically, Hermes has secured the ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management) certification, which confirms the company’s actions and programs, whilst it also reflects the high sense of responsibility and professionalism with which Hermes Airports considers its obligations towards the environment.

In the same field, Hermes was also granted the European EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certification, which is the most rigorous certification currently provided to organizations and companies in Europe regarding the implementation of environmentally friendly procedures and practices which also promote, among others, energy saving, protection of the aquifers and seas, recycling and reuse of waste materials.

The third certification obtained by Hermes is the OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) certification that approves the occupational health and safety standards that Hermes follows and applies to its premises. Through this certification, the efforts by the responsible department to cultivate a safety culture, protect and respect safety regulations in the workplace and public spaces are also acknowledged.

In a statement, Ms Eleni Kaloyirou, Chief Executive Officer of Hermes Airports, said that she feels proud of the company and delighted for obtaining the three new certifications. “Our primary goal”, she said, “has been and remains the operation of our airports in a way that respects the environment and the occupational safety and health. The new certifications we have achieved, acknowledge our continuous efforts and confirm in the clearest manner, the correctness of our actions, our responsible behaviour as a company and our unquestionable will to protect the environment”, Ms Kaloyirou concluded.

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