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Here we are

By Melissa Hekkers

Eventually, we will be hosting thousands of migrants who, contrary to today, will be displaced and on the move due to environmental reasons.

In other words, they won’t be fleeing because of war, political unrest, financial instability, lack of prospects or safety. They will be knocking on our doors to tell us stories of dry, arid lands. They will let us know about the lack of resources; that nature has taken a different turn.

Attending a youth council training on migration and human rights, solidarity and tolerance, it was the emphasis on integration that brought to light the injustice of having to differentiate between reasons for one’s ‘arrival’ in order to be granted a green light.

It is known that any Syrian will be granted permission to enter the EU, considering their war-torn homeland. And that’s absolutely fine.

Yet an Iranian, threatened by the fallacies of a country that isn’t democratic and confined by a theocratic institution, will be treated as a fly-by-night on most occasions.

I wander what we will tell any nationality when they come in, telling us they have no water to drink. Will we still be differentiating based on nationality and political background, or will we finally get the picture that the world in itself belongs to all of us? That borders are a money-making, fear-mongering reality.

“Here I am” was a performance staged by KISA on the same evening; a blend of unique stories, and a unique, innovative, collective creation of young refugees, migrants and locals, who met on stage to share their stories, explore themselves and express their feelings through music and theatre. 

Their life paths were intersecting lines; their personal stories interweaving a narrative that, once again, portrayed not only the injustice of segregating peoples based on nationality, but also their very presence in our very own society.

“Here we are” then.

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One comment

  1. Your report about 3 young people losing their lives in a motoring accident is so very sad and a waste. Driving in Cyprus as anywhere in the world is challenging, especially when so many jump lights or barely stop and keep creeping forward. Every I see impatient drivers not waiting for the lights to change from red to green with Police nowhere to be seen.

    Cyprus is a wonderful Country and I am so happy to be here, but some of the driving skills l see leaves a lot to be desired and fear that next time out the red light jumpers will cause even greater sadness.

    May those killed by this negilant act Rest in Peace. Amen