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Halloumi exports provide €103m in revenue

Yearly revenue from exports of halloumi has reached €103 million, with the Cheese makers’ Association(CMA) speaking of great potential for growth.

To this effect, the CMA requested from the government to provide incentives to farmers to increase production of milk, and subsequently the production of halloumi will increase.

A delegation from the CMA met Monday President Anastasiades, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Nicos Kouyialis but also the General Secretary of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), Marios Tsiakkis.

After the meeting the president of the CMA, Yiorgos Petrou, said that it was “a very productive meeting, which had as its main topic the prospects and development of the halloumi industry, which is the number one exportable product of Cyprus, and which brings in €103 million annually, and with high prospects for development until 2024 when certain factors will change.”

When asked if the problem for the growth of the halloumi industry is the lack of milk, Petrou responded positively saying that halloumi exports increase 15%-20% every year.

Petrou added that by 2024 the adjustment period for halloumi manufacturers will be over, and that everybody will have to comply with the regulation that sheep’s milk in halloumi must be greater in quantity than cow’s milk.

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  1. where will one be putting all these sheep? Surely at some point a limit will be reached. Halloumi might become the victim of its own success as its becoming a household item globally and Cyprus is not New Zealand with unlimited pasture land…we’ll end up having to import sheep’s milk and cow’s milk and horror of hours, hopefully not in powdered form.