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Half of Cypriots describe situation in country as “bad”

A new barometer revealing the pulse of Cypriot society has been released by the University of Nicosia, and finds that more than half of Cypriots describe the situation in their country as “bad”.

Approximately 54% of the 500 survey respondents said the situation in Cyprus is bad, with 7% saying it is average, and 39% responding with “good”. A generational gap, however, is revealed in this question: Six out of ten Cypriots aged 18-24 years-old described the situation as good, while 68% of those aged over 65 described the situation as bad.

The image flips when asked about their life satisfaction, as 63% say they are satisfied with their life, and 37% are dissatisfied. Those aged 18-24 expressed the largest degree of satisfaction at 77%.

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Cypriots are generally optimistic about their future, with 20% responding that they are very optimistic, and 43% saying they are quite optimistic. On the other hand, 23% felt “probably pessimistic”, and 14% were pessimistic. Men (72%) were more optimistic than women (57%).

Household finances were predictably a concern for more than half of the respondents, with 14% saying they are not at all satisfied by their financial situation, and 38% saying they are only a little satisfied. 12% said they were very satisfied and 35% said they were quite satisfied. Men were more dissatisfied than women on this matter. The dissatisfaction of those aged 18-24 was clear, as six out of ten responded negatively to the question.

Regarding the educational system, two in five respondents said they are only a little satisfied with its state, while 17% said they are not at all satisfied. Only 5% responded with “very satisfied”, and 30% said they are quite satisfied.

Clear dissatisfaction was expressed regarding the healthcare system in place, with 37% saying they are a little satisfied, and 35% saying they are not at all satisfied. Only 4% said they were very satisfied, and 23% said they were quite satisfied.



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