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Greek Cypriot holidaymakers spent €3.1m in north

According to JCC data, 1,589 credit card transactions for the amount of €361,101 in hotels in the north were made in July this year, while a total of €3.1 million was spent in resorts throughout the first seven months of 2017.

JCC data shows that Greek Cypriots have particular preferences in hotels, choosing those recently been put into operation in Kyrenia and in Vhokolida (Bafra) in Famagusta.

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Hotel expenditures represent the biggest amount spent by Greek Cyprıots in the north this year, followed by casino spending.

 Specifically, until July there were 8,000 visas transactions for the amount of €485,625 for casinos, while in July alone 220,000 euros were spent in casinos from Greek Cypriot cards.

Online purchases of air tickets for Turkey also increased. Purchases made in 2017 amount to €283,000 for flights from the Tymbou (Ercan) airport to Turkey. Only in July these purchases amounted to €72,000.

There is also an upward trend in clothing and footwear purchases made by Greek Cypriots in the north of the island. In just seven months a total of € 360,000 was spent, while over the past month, more than a thousand transactions were made for the amount of €63,000 for similar purchases.

An increase is also recorded in supermarket items, mainly fruit and vegetables, which are said to be cheaper in the north. To date, credit cards have been used for grocery shopping worth €210,000.

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