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Gone Girl ****

Looking for a roller coaster of a ride at the movies..? Then look no further than Gone Girl… which offers one of the most engrossing, adult, and trippiest trips to the movies you’re likely to get this year.
On their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports that his beautiful wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), has gone missing. But, under pressure from the police and a growing media frenzy, Nick’s portrait of a blissful union begins to crumble. Soon his lies, deceits and strange behaviour have everyone asking the same dark question: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife?
David Fincher directs the big screen version of Gillian Flynn’s global bestseller and proves himself the perfect choice for a movie that goes to places you almost certainly won’t expect (unless you’ve read the book, of course!)
In trying to keep this review spoiler-free, I’ll stay away from the plot and focus instead on the performances, which are uniformly terrific. I’ve long stood up for Affleck as a performer, and Fincher draws a strong performance from him – helped considerably by a top-notch supporting cast that includes Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens and comics-playing-it-straight Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris.
All are good. But this movie belongs to the perfectly cast Rosamund Pike. She’s been around for a while, but if she’s ever going to get a breakout role that catapults her into the A-list… this is it. Pike truly sinks her teeth into the role of Amy Dunne, making Amazing Amy someone you’ll remember long after the credits roll. Definitely one for the grown-ups, Gone Girl goes to some uncomfortably dark places, and proves all the more chilling for it. It’s a long haul, granted.
And there are times where it foregoes credibility for out-there plot twists. But I was having such a great time, I really didn’t care! A skilfully crafted, oh-so-contemporary tale of marriage, manipulation and the media, this is a darkly hilarious, absurdly gripping, highly entertaining movie that will keep you glued all the way to the end… and finally establishes Rosamund Pike in the big league.

Starring: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris
Director: David Fincher

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