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Girl pupil pulls out knife during school fight

Police are investigating a fight between Palouriotissa secondary school girls in Nicosia which could have tragic consequences if it hadn’t been for the presence of teachers.

The fight, started around 12 noon on Monday, when two girls approached a third girl aged 14 in a classroom and demanded her to accompany them to the school yard where they were to meet a friend of hers.

According to what has been circulating on social media sites, on their way to the yard, one of the girls started hitting the 14-year-old and threw her to the ground.

Pupils then rushed to the scene and separated the girls.

The 14-year-old who is alleged to have shouted “I’m going to get a knife and slaughter you,” returned to the scene brandishing a kitchen knife.

According to reports, the 14-year-old did not attack the other girl because of the presence of teachers that had arrived on the scene.

Police who arrived on the scene called the girls’ parents and advised them to take their daughters for a medical examination to determine whether they had been hurt.

Police are waiting for the medical reports to determine what action to take

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