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Germasogeia school widens its reach

The Germasogeia Primary School has been selected to participate in the European educational programme, Erasmus+KA2 for a three-year period.

The particular programme, “Play with me and teach me – Tradition and modernity in active teaching”, sees the children and teachers of the school embark on overseas trips, to other participating schools, as part of the programme which will span between the school years of 2015 and 2018.

In light of this, the school hosted children and staff from the other four schools participating in the programme from Poland, Italy, Spain and Turkey

The aim of the programme is for educationalists to successfully educate children through games by combining traditional and modern techniques in active teaching.

According to the information brochure presented by the Germasogeia Primary School, the general aims of the activity is: The improvement of teaching quality by using creative action, development of emotional intelligence, the encouragement of international and multicultural dialogue, the development of language skills and the use of new technology.

The specialised aims of the programme include the exchange of good practical methods in active teaching and learning, the exchange of experiences, ideas and material with participating schools, to give students the opportunity to meet and interact with children from other European countries and for them to realise their common uncertainties and the value of diversity.

Many activities have been scheduled to take place in the three-year programme in order to achieve the aims as set out by the organisers.

The activities will take place workshops, seminars and training in the host countries as well as various activities in the participating schools regarding the  preparation and development of games, both board and electronic, with the aim of involving the children in the active teaching process.

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