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GCE success can get you into UCY

The University of Cyprus (UCY) will until August 25 be accepting applications from students who have both succeeded in international exams and been accepted to an overseas university for the 2017-2018 academic year.

According to UCY, as well as being offered a place at an overseas university, candidates must have achieved high enough marks in their Baccalaureate, GCE or other equivalent international exams to be offered a place there.

Most UCY students win places based on the results of entrance exams which have been combined with their state high school leaving exams.

As of the 2019-2020 school year, the process will be divided into separate school-leaving and university-entrance tests after Parliament earlier this year approved an Education Ministry proposal to the effect.

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The UCY has for some years now complained that the process deprives private school graduates from the opportunity to attend the university, even though they have in more recent years been given the opportunity to sit the same exams as their state school peers in English in addition to the international exams at their own schools.

Earlier efforts to allow students to attend based on the results of their international exams—such as GCEs—were met with concern by the Attorney General’s office but the UCY has decided to move ahead regardless, devoting 3% of the places to students in this category.

UCY Rector Professor Constantinos Christofides said the university had made the move to accept students on this criteria as an autonomous body and that the process would be taking place without the involvement of the Education Ministry.

The results of this year’s process and the list of successful candidates are expected to be announced by September 11, through the website of UCY’s Department of Studies and Student Welfare.

According to the instructions, candidates should, along with their application form, submit:

A) A high school diploma or a certificate of graduation from a recognised secondary school.

B) A certificate of placement and enrollment in a higher education institution abroad.

C) All certificates of their success in international examinations which have been admitted to foreign educational institutions.

D) Certificate of success in the IGCSE / GCE exam in Modern Greek or other certification proving their very good knowledge of the Modern Greek language.

Regarding the procedure, a candidate’s application together with all the required documents should be submitted to UCY Department they are interested in joining.

If they are interested in more than one field of study falling under different Departments, separate applications will have to be submitted.

Contact UCY directly for more information.


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