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GC holidaymakers spending big in the north

Greek Cypriots appear happy to spend money in the north of Cyprus according to their credit card spending figures this summer.

According to figures released by card-processing company JCC, Greek Cypriots used their credit cards to pay for €1million worth of hotel stays in the north of Cyprus over the summer. This brought the total spent –  via Greek Cypriot credit card – on hotel stays there since the start of the year up to €3.5m.

The €1m was spent through some 1,500 transactions between June and August and specifically saw €392,000 spent in June, €361,000 in July, and €317,636 in August, JCC said.

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Another half a million euro was spent at casinos in the north over the same three months while Greek Cypriot card holders also forked out €200,000 for flights out of Tymbou (Ercan) airport  over the same period.

This summertime spending brought Greek Cypriot credit card spending on hotels, casinos and flights to €1.7m during June, July and August and €4.5 million between January and August.

Also, Greek Cypriots spent €600,000 while using their credit cards to book flights when already in Turkey and €487,000 on staying at hotels there. August, meanwhile, also saw a rise in Greek Cypriot credit card spending on petrol and supermarket goods in the north.

JCC’s figures also revealed that Greek Cypriots use their credit cards to spend between €55,000 and €60,000 per month on purchasing clothing and shoes in the north.

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  1. Shocking! …. to read that Greek Cypriots spent in the region of 3.1 million Euro during the months of June, July and August in the North parts of Cyprus. Why? This would only fuel Turkeys stance to keep control of the north and further delay talk negotiations in reaching an agreement to the Cyprus problem.

    Furthermore the money was spent on Credit cards which is even more shocking!

  2. It’s disgusting. I cannot believe they are going over there and spending money. These GC’s must be non refugees from the 74 conflict, they don’t understand or have a clue about what the refugees went through.

  3. I totally agree with Michael Nicolaides, the question is Why???