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Gas search offshore Cyprus unearths treasures under the sea

Italian giant ENI’s geophysical research has unveiled a number of ancient vessels and other antiquities at potential sites set for oil and gas drilling within Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone.

That’s why Eratosthenes South 1 in block 8 is now one of the chosen spots since extensive filming by underwater robots has declared it free of ancient wealth. Unlike the primary designated spot.

This is what ENI’s detailed report submitted this week before the island’s Environment Authority said.

“Taking into account the characteristics and shape of the field, the aimed areas have been further investigated, with geophysical studies and environmental sampling, so as to find the best locations for the drilling of wells while – at the same time – respecting the possible presence of sensitive benthic ecosystems, archaeological finds and wrecks,” the report said.

“The exact point (Eratosthenes South 1) was selected after extensive testing and filming by underwater robots since scattered interesting ancient vessels and other important finds were spotted in the wider area,” it added.

The primary designated spot – called Eratosthenes South 3 – was about a kilometre away from Eratosthenes South 1 which was target choice number three.

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About 20 vessels and other archaeological finds were spotted in an area about 500 meters northeast of the point where the drilling is planned to take place.

The site is about 100 meters higher than the point of concentration of the planned drilling.

Simulation took place of the scattering of the fractures present at the initial stage during the initiation of the drilling activity. And it was found out that the chips would not be spread over a distance of more than 30 meters which means it is highly unlikely the scrap stock to be formed will affect these finds.

It should be noted that an ancient shipwreck with vessels was also found during the first drilling within Cyprus’ EEZ carried at the time by Houston-based Noble Energy in block 12.




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