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French Guiana strike ‘may impact’ on Hellas-Sat 3 launch

A general strike in French Guiana could delay the launching of the Greek and Cypriot flagged satellite Hellas-Sat 3 on June 28.

According to the consortium launching the satellite, Hell-Sat 3 will become “Europe’s largest orbiting satellite” once in orbit and will be “the nerve centre of fast in-flight internet and mobile phone transmissions within European airspace”.

The strikes have also affected the Guiana Space Centre run by Arianne Space where work has ground to a halt resulting in the delay of launching the $600 million ViaSat 2 satellite which is an integral part of the internet transmission system in Europe.

French Guiana, located between Surinam and Brazil, is an overseas region of France and therefore part of the European Union.

The strikes organised by the area’s unions and in which tens of thousands of citizens are taking part are calling for the French government to invest €2.5 billion in necessary infrastructure projects.

The Hellas-Sat Consortium Ltd (Hellas-Sat) is the owner and a wholesaler of capacity and services of the satellite.

Hellas-Sat has developed a network of strategically located teleport partners with DVB platforms, carrying over 100 television channels, and IP-based services through its two fixed beams over Europe, and two steerable beams over the Middle East and South Africa.

It offers high-power, direct-to-home transmissions as well as occasional video feeds and Internet access services.

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