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Freak water sports accident leads to serious injury of British-Cypriot

A sea accident occurred on Sunday afternoon offshore Konnos beach in Ayia Napa, leading to the serious injury of a British-Cypriot woman aged 25 year-old, and the light injury of her sister, aged 18.

According to the police, the accident happened while a boat was towing an inflatable seat (known as “crazy sofa”) as part of recreational water sport activities. Under unknown circumstances, another boat crashed into the inflatable seat, leading to the serious injury of the 25 year-old, light injury of her sister. Their 22 year-old friend who was also on the inflatable seat was not injured.

The two siblings were taken to the Famagusta General Hospital, where the doctor found that the 25 year-old had a serious spine injury and had severed some of her toes. She was then taken to Nicosia General Hospital.

The operators of the two boats were taken to the Ayia Napa police station for depositions.

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  1. Nick Yiannopoulos

    I was at Konnos just a week ago and was surprised how much the water sports area had grown compared to last year for such a small and congested bay. The local authorities should bare some of the brunt for permitting operators to work in that way. It was clear just sitting at the cafe overlooking Konnos that the oversize water-sports operation posed a safety risk to the public in one way or another, there was also a bit of a cavalier attitude with respect to swimmers and safety. But overall there is just not enough space there for the size of he operation should not have been permitted. Very sad incident,

  2. Nick Yiannopoulos

    Not a freak but an accident waiting to happen.