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Fond memories of APOEL for Cédric Yambéré

In an interview with  the football website “football365.fr” Cédric Yambéré among other things mentioned his time at the Cyprus Championship and APOEL in particular.

In an article entitled “There are no words to describe what I experienced in Cyprus”, the high-ranking French central defender had only good things to say about his six-month time with the Nicosia team.

“It was my choice. (Girondins de) Bordeaux had never imposed on me what to do. On the contrary, it was always at my side and wanted to know what I wanted to do. I thought it was a good chance because the club was playing at the Euroleague League and was in the runnig for a championship. So I went to APOEL. ”

Speaking of the fans, he said: “I was really happy because I saw the passion there was … That was amazing. It was a pleasure for me to meet this city and this group, I have no words to describe it, it was incredible! I can not even compare them to the public in France! For them, a match means something different altogether. They make their presence felt either inside or outside the pitch from an hour and a half before the game. The fans were in the forefront and singing constantly from before the warm-up until after the match.”

When asked if fans’ ‘madness’ is similar to what they see in Greece, the 26-year-old footballer said: “We knew we should not lose, the enthusiasm was great. Our goal is the title every year, but the fans are always behind the team. Nicosia is a small town that you can easily walk around in. But, honestly, when the game ended, there was no hostility, as one might think. As I said, the atmosphere is crazy in the city and in the stadium during the match.”

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