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‘Fixer cop’ calls up elderly in latest scam

Limassol Police are alerting the public about a phone scam where a man calls seniors pretending to be a cop and offering to fix problems for a fee.

The man, who appears to be preying on the elderly, calls people up to tell them he is a police officer and that one of their relatives is in trouble.

He then proceeds to tell them he can make the case against their loved one go away if they pay money up front.

In one case, the con man called a 70-year-old grandmother to tell her that her son had injured a little girl in a car accident and unless she paid him €120,000, her son would end up in jail.

He even passed the phone to someone else who pretended to be her son.

“Mum, do as they say,” he begged in tears, according to the police.

Similar incidents were filed with police stations in other districts, prompting authorities to issue an alert and ask the public to report anything suspicious regarding this matter.

Police also urge the public to contact their elderly relatives to inform them about the scam in order to save them from the anguish or falling victims to the scam.

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