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Five new hotels for Kyrenia

Permission to build five new hotels in Kyrenia have been given despite the ongoing debate regarding a master plan and building permits for the region.

Tourism office head Fikri Ataoglu said he did not know the exact number of applications made to the office but did say that the go-ahead “had been given for five new hotels in Kyrenia. He added that the hotels permits included casinos as well.

The Head of the Travel Agents Union, Orhan Tolun, told Yeniduzen newspaper that hotels with casinos were more attractive to visitors which is why there was an increase in these types of hotels.

Tolun noted, however, that a master plan was imperative for the region and added that as long as construction or the buildings did not harm the environment, had the necessary infrastructure and were built within the guidelines, then they were not opposed to hotels being built. 

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