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Fish farms deny they are polluting Limassol coast

The fish farms off the Limassol coast line are not responsible and do not contribute to the marine pollution that has been reported along the city’s shore line these last few days according to the Agriculture Ministry.

In a press release on Tuesday, the Ministry announced that in light of the recent phenomenon and press reports pointing to the fisheries as probable culprits to the problem, additional tests and water analysis had been performed in the sea surrounding the fisheries.

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According to the Ministry, the results showed that affects from the fisheries did not go beyond their delimited area which is a 200m radius around each fishery.

“Based on the results and given the effect on the area from other sources – harbour anchorage, passing vessels and other sources, the impact of fish farming is not considered to contribute to the incidents of pollution observed in recent years in Limassol Bay,” concluded the announcement

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