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Fight against human trafficking

Freedom Dolls Initiative (FDi) will be holding a lecture on human trafficking on Saturday at the House of Volunteers – the first in a planned series of workshops and talks that will educate on national and international aspects of human trafficking.
The free lecture takes place from 10am-2pm, covering the history of human trafficking; laws; identifying different forms of trafficking; the victim and the trafficker, and overall health implications – from physical to psychological.
Global patterns will be examined, ending with what can be done to address the issue.

Human trafficking is defined by the organisation as “when an individual is taken from their home, either by force or given a misrepresentation of a job offer that promises riches and security for their family back home”.

The victim is then forced to work for the trafficker, who has complete control over them, and makes it hard for them to escape – often through threats against the victim and/or their family.

The event is suitable for: people who want to learn more, possibly with the aim volunteering with the organisation; NGO volunteers; church leadership; law enforcement agents; students of relevant degree topics, and professionals from various fields who would benefit from the information. Participants should be over the age of 16.

FDi was founded in March 2014 by Larnaca resident Nicola Smith, who has over 15 years’ experience in helping human trafficking victims in both the UK and Cyprus.

The aim of the non-profit organisation is to raise awareness on the issue and campaign for change on how trafficking is tackled on the island – as well as internationally.

The organisation also identifies victims, helping them to escape their situation, and supports them through a number of services, including helping them to take legal action against their traffickers; offering a safe place; providing them with counselling; and helping them to reintegrate into society and earn a living.

One of the initiatives is making dolls, which gives the women freed from trafficking a new skill and a form of creative therapy, as well as generating income through the sale of the dolls.

To book a place for the lecture, contact: training@freedom-dolls.com / 96354632. More about the organisation itself can be found on: freedom-dolls.com.

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