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Fedonos points the finger at officials over TC properties

Paphos Mayor Fedonas Fedonos has accused former Interior Ministers of and current officials of using their influence on who was awarded temporary use of Turkish Cypriot properties in the south.

Speaking to Active radio on Monday, Fedonos also accused the heads of agricultural organisations of making thousands of euro from cultivating Turkish Cypriot they were not entitled to using.

The comments came ahead of a House Interior Committee meeting on the misuse of Turkish Cypriot property, mainly in Paphos, which the town’s mayor has recently brought back under the spotlight.

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In his comments to Active, Fedonos said: “Through supposedly legal committees and procedures some went ahead with the mismanagement of Turkish Cypriot properties. Instead of basing their actions on the law, they acted improperly following instructions from their (party) leader, taking properties worth millions by using a loophole in the law”.

The mayor said that, until 1991, a part of the law that allowed for the use of a property to be awarded to a non-refugee in certain cases was abused.

“An even though a law giving the guardian of Turkish Cypriot properties (the Interior Minister) the right to evict people, contracts were being renewed on a three-year basis and non-refugee Greek Cypriots with an existing fortune of their own allowed to sublet properties making huge profits which were never reported for taxation purposes,” Fedonos said.



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  1. Hovhannes melemendjian

    Wye is the government so laxed and indiferent to the law breakers. There should be under cover tax office inspectors to look and find these law breaker and sue them for the taxes that they avoided paying. And its also like the cars parked on pavements while the pedestrian walks in the street. The government and the local councils are loosing hundreds and thousands of Euros . its about time that powers to be awoke and did something about these problems. Its disgusting that people are getting away with it.