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Faith healers investigated

Turkish Cypriot authorities are investigating a group of Nigerian students who are touring the villages in the north, claiming to be faith healers.

Moses Abimiku Bitrus is leading a group self-named the “Outreach Ministry” which claims to heal people by touching the patient while praying.

The police have started an investigation after an interview given by Bitrus to Turkish Cypriot newspaper Yeniduzen prompted the health office in the north to demand for an investigation.

Bitrus and his companions have been advertising their “services” through their Facebook page for a couple of months before drawing the attention of the authorities. On their page they have posted videos and photos of them “healing” a number of people in villages in the north.

“We heal people in the name of our Lord Jesus. We touch them, we pray and they are healed” said Bitrus talking to the reporters. They to be “spreading a message of good” and do not take money in return for their services.

Bitrus said that he walk up one day to find God in front of him, telling him “to tour the villages and heal the sick”.

He said that the group has healed more than ten sick people. “After we heal them we give them information on the love and power of Jesus and they never will fall sick again.” claimed Bitrus.

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