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Expat saves husky proving humanity is not lost

By Kyriacos Kiliaris

Susan Mehdyoun, a British expat living in the village of Vasilia (Karsiyaka) in Famagusta, came to the rescue of an injured Husky, which had had its front leg torn off by a pit-bull a few months earlier.

Susan, a resident of Vasilia for the past eight years, told Turkish Cypriot reporters the story of how she found and rescued the dog, which she then adopted, naming the adorable canine Frankie.

She said that it had all started when one of her neighbours had lost their Husky and asked her if she could lend a hand in looking for the dog.

Believing the animal must have just wondered off in the neighbourhood and got hung up somewhere, they began searching the surrounding area.

When they came up empty-handed, worried about the dog’s safety, they decided to broaden their search by reaching out to people through social media and posters in the village streets.

News of Husky sightings started coming in, but none of them belonged to her neighbour. “We were told of 10 Husky sightings, but none of them was my neighbour’s dog,” said Susan.

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“Then one day somebody called from the nearby village of Ayios Andronikos (Yesilkoy), saying that there was a Husky in the village that appeared to be lost,” explained Susan.

She decided to go personally to the village to see whether it was there. Upon arrival, she found a Husky that had been attacked by a pit-bull lying in a pool of blood.

Susan said the dog had had its left front leg practically torn to pieces, and the limb washanging from its body by a thread.

“I couldn’t just leave the dog there; this could have been a human.

And after all, I believed that it was my neighbour’s dog,” said Susan.

Thinking that she had indeed found her neighbour’s pet she decided to take the animal to a vet without notifying him.

Upon taking the dog to the veterinarian, she found out that the pooch did not actually belong to her neighbour and was, in fact, a stray.

“I was told that, since the dog was seriously injured and it did not have an owner, they had to put it to sleep,” said Susan.

Susan said she could not accept such an outcome and decided to adopt the dog on the spot and cover the cost of his treatment.

Thereafter, she took him to an animal hospital in north Nicosia, where “they took good care of him”. Vets at the hospital told Susan that Frankie would have to have his leg amputated, but that did not stop her from telling the doctors to save the pooch.

Frankie has since recovered from his injuries and is leading a normal life in the loving care of his new owner. Susan says she is grateful to the staff of the animal hospital for saving him.

“He has some kidney problems that need extra care; he needs to be given some serum from time to time, but he is doing fine,” said Susan.

“Even though [animals] cannot talk, we can understand and help them. Let’s not forget that they, too, have a beating heart.”

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