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Expansion of e-gates at Paphos Airport to reduce queuing time

In a move to reduce queues and waiting times at Paphos Airport operator Hermes Airports announced Thursday the installation and operation of four automatic electronic entry gates (e-gates).

The four automatic-electronic gates are located in the check-in area to serve all departing passengers.

The automatic-electronic entry gates system allows the traveling public, carrying a printed copy of the airline’s boarding pass, to proceed directly to the security check and then to the retail area and departure gates of the terminal.

The process of using this system is very simple and only requires the scanning of the boarding pass of each passenger.

The system of automatic-electronic gates, can serve up to 1,800 passengers per hour, a fact which is expected to contribute significantly to the reduction of the total queuing time for travellers.

There have complaints in the past of long delays by passengers.

Seven automatic-electronic entry gates are already operating at Larnaca Airport.


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