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European Parliament finds Larnaca Port situation ‘complicated’

The situation in Larnaca is “little bit complicated,” the European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions has said after having a series of meetings with the city municipal councils, the port authorities and citizens groups.

After receiving a number of petitions by affected citizens with regard to problems created by the operation of the Larnaca Port and other infrastructures such as gas tanks, a seven-member delegation visits Cyprus in a fact- finding mission with a view to recommend solutions, the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) reported on Thursday.

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The Committee on Thursday met with Larnaca Municipal Council, the port authorities and the four Ministries that are involved in the process. The Committee will prepare a recommendation in the end of 2017 or ealy-2018.

“For me personally it was very curious situation to see this morning people in the water gas station again people in the water, next to gas stations,” Pal Csaky, the Committee’s Deputy Chairman and head of mission said in statements to the press.

“It seems the situation is a little bit complicated and we will try to be helpful to create a better situation for the citizens and I hope for the port authorities and the companies too, because the companies are also important element of this picture,” he added.

Csaky noted “it is evident that there some problems concerning the activities of this port,” adding however that “unfortunately is evident that there are some communication problems between the port authorities and the city council of Larnaca, between the port authorities and the citizens of Larnaca.”

He made clear that in his personal impression the situation “is a little bit more than a communication problem.”

“The situation is very curious because the port is very very near to the beach and to the city centre,” the MEP said.

“We are not judges of course we are friends from Brussels from the EP, our ambition is to help to solve the situation… and to help the communication between the citizens, city councils and port authorities,” he added.

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