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ER medics kept busy over Easter

Hospital accident and emergency (A&E) departments were inundated with patients over the Easter weekend including dozens who had wound up in hospital due to over-eating.

But the large number of patients was not the only rumblings at the island’s main hospitals.

Many patients complained of long delays as a result of the increased number of visitors although the Nicosia General Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department supervisor, Dr Androulla Panteli, suggested some of the complaints had been exaggerated.

“Everything humanly possible was done to provide service to the patients. We understand that people want to be served immediately but this was impossible under the circumstances. The staff did, and is doing, everything it can”.

She also noted that because staff had been on leave for Easter, fewer medical professionals had been available to deal with the increased number of patients.

The increase in visits to A&E departments began on Friday night and continued until Monday night, Panteli said, adding a wide range of ailments had been seen to, including but not limited to, the result of overindulging in meat-heavy dishes after a period of Easter fasting.

Visitors to the A&E are understood to have included patients with problems that could have been treated at outpatients departments when they reopened instead.

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